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Q. Please introduce yourself to our readers.

Handus is the compound word of ‘hand’ and ‘us,’ meaning that we want to discover and preserve daily memories one at time. We wanted to convey just how much we enjoy working with our hands while wishing everyone to enjoy their day. The shop is composed of a tea room for events and exhibition, a workroom for ceramics-making and hands-on classes and an exhibition hall for the retail of various ‘lifestyle’ supplies made by crafts masters and designers.

You can enjoy both the beautiful craftworks and the traditional hanok interior, not to mention learn the joy of working with your hands, simply buying designer products or just strolling around the vast craftworks display while enjoying the cozy atmosphere.


Q. Why did you choose a hanok in Bukchon for this workroom/showroom? Any specific reason?

I like the tranquility and leisurely mood characteristic to that of Bukchon, as well as the hanok. The backstreets of Bukchon are secluded, yet maintain characteristic uniqueness unlikely to be found in the city of Seoul. I also love the natural and space-permitting elegance of the hanok. It’s something that just rhymes well with me.



Q. What was the first priority for renovation? What is so distinct about the layout of the store?

I think lifestyle conveys the stories of people. I didn’t want to renovate upon the traditional elements or paralyze them by modernizing the structure. I wanted to leave all of the original features of the hanok intact, even if they are not comfortable to live in. Of course, everything, be it old or new, are on display.

It needed to become that of an escape for those worn down by the modern, urban lifestyle. The outer quarter transformed into a ceramics workroom, the front yard and part of the inner quarter became the showroom, and the inner part of the inner quarter is fit for an exhibition gallery and event venue. I wanted to establish a connection between the joy of working and that of the joy of everyday life.




디자인스팟은 ‘서울/부산 디자인페스티벌’ 의 장외 전시 행사로 ‘Open Studio’ 를 테마로 서울과 부산에서 진행됩니다.


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