A street where the old and the new come together in different ways every day
After crossing the bridge from Gangnam, you will come to a street that may seem out of place in the big city of Seoul.
This is Seongsudong-gil, a street where the old and the new coexist, a street whose rough and
aged appearance still seems to come across as trendy. For decades, the neighborhood of Seongsu-dong had been
filled with shoe and leather factories, markets, and warehouses, and those buildings still line the streets today.
However, they have now been transformed into cultural spaces, cafés, pubs, artists’ studios, and stores.
Emerging as the top “design street” in Korea, Seongsudong-gil has been referred to as
“Berlin in Seoul.” The neighborhood of Seongsu-dong has an irregular and unpolished look that gives it a unique beauty.
Under the skies of Seoul, it sometimes seems like Seongsu-dong is the
only place in the city with such a feeling of abounding freedom and artistic spirit.

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